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Date and Time:

Saturday 29th February 2020

1pm - 4.30pm

Price: £15  Booking essential  as this is a ticket only event.


Plymouth Unitarian Church

Notte Street, Plymouth


Whirling Dervish Workshop

and Sacred Gong Bath.

This is a chance to learn and practise the Dervish whirling that was introduced by Rumi in the 13th century. As you turn you discover          your inner still centre and the world moving around you.

Suitable for all ages.  No experience required.

The turning will be followed by a Gong Bath.

During the Gong Bath you sit, or lie down* and allow the vibrations

of our amazing 38” Paiste Symphonic Gong, our beautiful

Wind Gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowls to “wash over" you

allowing the healing sounds to penetrate and harmonize

the body and still the mind. Wear warm clothing.

(*bring something soft to lie on).

Postponed Until a later date