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GONG  ibes

GONG  ibes

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Sacred Gong Bath

Let Gong Vibes bathe you in the magical sounds of our amazing 38” Paiste Symphonic Gong and our beautiful wind gongs and Tibetan singing bowls to release the cares of the world and bring you into a state of harmony, deep calm and peace.

The vibrations that arise from the gongs are like a great cosmic choir and the randomness of the sound means the brain has no set pattern to follow, so it surrenders and allows the whole body to let go.

During a session you sit, or lie down* and allow the vibrations of the gongs and singing bowls to “wash over" you. (*bring something soft to lie on). Wear warm clothing during the winter months. All one needs to do is let the entire body, including the mind, relax and allow the healing sounds to penetrate and harmonize the body and still the mind.

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Sound Healing

The sound of the gongs and singing bowls create deep relaxation, freeing us from the flood of thoughts that our mind releases, and stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning.  During the gong meditation emotional transformation is produced as it reduces tension, releases blocks and stimulates circulation. The result is a reorganization of the emotional energy and feelings that are tied into the body structure. The sound changes feelings that are blocked by cutting the thoughts that sustain and recreate the feelings.

The healing sounds clears the nerve endings and regenerates the parasympathetic system which is ruled by sound. The parasympathetic system sends "relax" messages to all the organs. It regulates the rebuilding functions of the body and it is vital for handling stress since it coordinates the recovery period from stress. To regenerate the parasympathetic system, nothing is more powerful than the gong and singing bowl.


Reiki is a powerful healing modality that works  to bring about healing and balance on all levels. Usui Reiki can reduce pain and relieve stress, giving you a feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing while enabling your immune system to work more efficiently.  

I also work with Angels and Archangels allowing me to reach deeply into all areas which require re-balancing and healing. With Angelic Reiki, you are lovingly supported to let go of physical, emotional and karmic imbalances as well as ancestral issues throughout all time and space.  

Usui Reiki Courses are also available.  

Soul Healing

Soul Healing can help with depression, physical illness and disease by seeking the underlying spiritual causes.

A traumatic experience can close down a part of us and the emotional stress of situations like job loss or divorce can make us feel powerless. This can lead to problems in the body’s immune system.

Working with drum and rattle I can help with soul loss and power retrieval to restore your bodies balance.

Moongazy Magical Herbs

 Incense for Ceremonial and Personal use

I can tailor a mix to your particular need. Blends of herbs, many of which I grow myself, resins and oils made especially for your special Ceremony or for your own personal use. Croning ceremonies, Sabbats, rituals, psychic and spell working. Whatever your need I can usually provide a mixture. Always made with care and in ceremony.

My blends work on many levels and smell beautiful! I also make sachets and talismans that can be worn, placed on altars and given as gifts.

Please contact Kathryn to discuss your requirements. Prices start at £3  Items can be posted.

Let Gong Vibes enhance your health and well being with our Sacred Gong Bath, Sound Healing, Reiki, and Soul Healing  to help promote healing for any ailment. It works well for stress, anxiety, tension, pain and acute or chronic problems due to injury, illness and disease.

Gong Vibes also sell Incense, Oils and Herbs for Healing and Ceremonial use.

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Kathryn Colling

Usui Reiki Master / Teacher,  

Angelic Reiki Master / Teacher and Sound Healer,

My life has been a journey of spiritual exploration, which has taken me along many paths and led to the person that I am today.

I have always been interested in alternative therapies, health and ways to find wholeness and happiness in our lives. I believe that everyone should have an opportunity to find peace and contentment. This has led to my study of counselling, shamanism, sound healing and becoming a Reiki Master.

The therapies I practise complement each other. They work towards restoring balance and harmony in the patient, raising self-esteem and reducing stress and tension. They have been important in my own life and helped form my understanding of the world and the fascinating people in it.


DAPS in Counselling

Usui Reiki Master            

Angelic Reiki  Master

Registered Healer

Shamanic Practitioner

Indian Head Massage Diploma

Sound Healing Certificate

Tel: (01752) 706552   


Brian Colling

Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Gong Player and Spiritual Leader.

From an early age I have been fascinated by how the body and mind works. I studied anatomy, physiology and massage with the Northern Institute of Massage.

I use the healing potential of subtle energies including Reiki and sound to bring about well-being in myself as well as others. My aim has always been to help other people and the planet.


Higher Grade Diploma in Swedish Massage

Registered Healer

Angelic Reiki Practitioner

Usui Reiki and Seichem Reiki Practitioner.

Sound Healing Certificate